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So, how does this work?

It's quite simple really. We have contracted with many DVC (Disney Vacation Club) owners to book trips - exactly to your specifications - using their deeded allotment of travel time at Walt Disney World's highest category of resorts. These are our Trip Suppliers.

The savings to you is incredible. It can be over 60% compared to Disney's published prices (our quoted prices are the final price you will pay for your selected resort - no extra charges from us ever). And once you check-in, you have the same exact access to the most incredible sights, sounds, and amenities that Disney has to offer... INCLUDING Top of the World Lounge access at Bay Lake Tower (access subject to change per Disney policy).

Take note of the Availabilty Chance on the table with the list of resorts (it appears after you enter your check-in, number of nights, and rooom type details). Availability Chance is simply our professional estimate of how likely your room is to be available -- but it's still just a best-guess. We don't verify definite availability until after a nominal and refundable deposit is paid (deposit is refundable if resort choice is not available).

PLUS - with many reservation combinations, you will also receive a Disney® Gift Card - courtesy of your friends at MaximumMouse for use in the parks, at the resorts, or anywhere on Disney property. The amount of the gift card, if applicable, is clealy displayed in the reservation process - next to where the Availability Chance and the resort prices are displayed. Your Disney Gift Card will be delivered to your room within 1 business day of check-in -- and may be in the form of a folio credit (for items you charge to your room - anywhere on Disney property) as opposed to a physical gift card.

What's the catch?

Availability is sort of a "catch." Just because Disney shows avaiability doesn't mean we have availability. The inventory we have access to has less rooms - but at prices MUCH less too. Please - be flexible. If you want one deluxe resort only, and will not consider another for your dates, we won't have as much of a chance to get you an amazing resort at a huge discount.

The only real "catch" is limited housekkeping.

Simply put, you'll get replenishment of towels after day 4. Your room will be fully made up after day 7.

You can opt for nominally priced, full housekeeping services on a pay-as-you-want basis. Contact the individual resort for exact pricing.


Also, we have a fairly strict cancellation policy:

More than 60 days notice = 50% cancellation fee; Less than 60 days notice = 100% cancellation fee

>> Please purchase trip insurance (Google it) for a variety of fairly inexpensive plans to protect you in the event you think you may have to cancel your trip.


Finally, we charge a totally refundable deposit of $25 to check your reservation. If your trip is sold out or not available exactly as you requested, we refund your money. If your exact trip is available, the $25 goes toward your balance due.

It just saves us from manually checking trips for folks who aren't ready to book just yet.

If/when your trip is confirmed, you will be required to pay the balance of your trip within 24 hours - so be on the lookout for the invoice that finalizes your exciting & magical Deluxe Disney Resort Villa reservation.

Can we trust you?

We have arranged Deluxe Disney Resort Stays for many hundreds of people over the past 3 years or so. We are proud to have 100% client satisfaction -- not 80, not 90, not 99.9 -- 100% satisfaction. If you want references - actual references you can contact - not "blind" testimonials from unverifiable sources, we are more than thrilled to provide.

Further, as far as we know, we are the only DVC/Disney Deluxe Resort broker that is based in Orlando, and is also insured -- by Hiscox USA.

Even still - check our BBB rating (through our parent company, Resort Savvy LLC) 

Do we get airport transfers?

YES. Just tell us your flight information at least 28 days prior to arrival and we'll set the whole thing up for you with Disney Magical Express.

If your trip is less than 28 days away, we can still try too, but we can't guarantee all the fancy bag tags and things that Disney might normally send in advance of your trip.

Does this come with or can we add tickets?

Park Tickets are NOT included.

As far as buying tickets, well, not through us.

We're not in the Disney ticket business. Very few people are.

HOWEVER, we do know one particualarly pleasant Disney park tickets reseller.

You can save a little - maybe 20 bucks or so on each ticket - mailed to you at no additional charge.

We'll send you their website when we send your Disney confirmation number.

Can we add a dining plan?

No and Yes. We have decades of Disney experience. We have tried to maximize savings using Disney Dining Plans (DDP). We have only found a very small set of scenarios in which this can occur.

In other words, we, Disney experts, believe DDP is a poor value.

However, we're not here to tell you how to have the most magical time possible. That's up to you.

If you want to add DDP to your reservation, we will do that for a charge of $15 per person (with a maximum serive fee for this of $45).

You pay Disney directly for DDP (and you provide your credit card to Disney via a conference call required to arrange DDP) and we'll bill you separately -- $15 for each person on the DDP.

Please Note: If/when Disney is offering free DDP, we do not also offer free DDP. This is a promotion offered by Disney for a very limited set of days in some years, and it requires paying full-published prices at its resorts + buying park tickets from them for a specific set of dates -- our hugely discounted business model does not leave room for such matching promotions. Besides, you'll still end up saving money if you buy the Deluxe resort from us and buy the DDP from Disney separately (instead of taking it for "free" from Disney) - that we guarantee.

How do we contact you?

Fastest and easiest way: Contact Us Here (this mailbox is always monitored)

Or you can leave us a phone message at at 407-476-7577

If this is about one of our contests, you may only contact us in writing at

Regarding contests: Only ONE winner per household every 120 days and physical prizes are only sent to residents of the 50 U.S. States and Puerto Rico.